Teaching Children to Cook Nutritious and Delicious Food

Cooking classes for kids can be a fantastic way to get them interested in healthy food. With these programs, children can be more aware of the importance of nutrition in an enjoyable and interactive way.

If you want your children to learn more about the importance of healthy meals, Apples to Zucchini Cooking School can help you. We offer cooking classes in which professional chefs teach kids on how to prepare delicious, nutritious, and affordable meals. Apart from this, your kids also learn about kitchen safety.

About Us

You can pay your grocer or your doctor. It is a choice you make day to day, especially in deciding on what food to prepare.

As an organization, we believe that quality food takes care of the body; likewise, food that is prepared together takes care of the soul. Teaching children how to cook nutritious food is vital for them to make healthy choices in the future.

We are a charitable organization dedicated to teaching children how to prepare nutritious food. Nancy Martz and Terra Hillyer founded our school in the fall of 2015. We began offering classes in the spring of 2016 with Chef Michele Malony. Since then, our students have been learning various cooking skills, including dicing, mincing, stirring, blending, and chopping. They also get to carry out community food sharing as part of the program.

Our Board of Directors

  • Nancy Martz
  • Terra Hillyer
  • Dianne Duva
  • Tina Wood
  • Sharon Baird

Our Advisory Council

  • Jennifer Mansbach, Coordinator, Join Jacob and Family Volunteer Day at the Food Bank
  • Kristin Castorino, DO Research Physician, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute
  • Lindsay Johnson, Executive Director, Explore Ecology
  • Nancy Weiss, Food Services Director, Santa Barbara Unified School

What the Parents and Students Have to Say

"I can't thank you enough ... My kids came home and cut their own apples for dinner and even tried new things, which is monumental for them. They started making their own lunches as well. Just after the first day!!!"

- Mom of Ellwood Students

"[My daughter] is cooking her way through your recipes and truly loving it! Thanks for a really wonderful camp."

- Mom of Summer Camper

"I never knew I liked carrots more than pasta!"

- Brandon School Student

"I feel so good about myself. I finally made something that tastes good...something from scratch."

- Adams School Student

"[My daughter] was thrilled and immediately came home and showed off her knife skills which were impressive. She showed me how to "curl" my fingers when cutting an orange. She had all kinds of new facts to tell me about certain foods. I got a chance to watch the class a bit and I was blown away. The teachers were outstanding--very professional and not silly at all. Thanks for bringing the class to Adams!!!"

- Mom of Adams School Student

"It turns out I DO like mango!"

- Brandon School Student