Cooking Classes for Children

Since 2016 Apples To Zucchini has offered after-school cooking classes in our community. We are expanding and look forward to sharing soon an updated schedule where you can find us.  Please keep checking back as we update this page with our current schedule.


After-School Enrichment Classes

Students enjoy afternoon cooking classes at selected schools in the Santa Barbara and Goleta neighborhoods. This year we are working with Adams School, Washington School, Kellogg School, Marymount, Mountain View, and Roosevelt.

In our after-school classes, the students will be exposed to many kitchen skills including chopping, slicing, measuring, and stirring. Culinary educators and skilled volunteers will help them create several yummy dishes. Your child will come home excited about preparing nutritious, delicious, and affordable meals made from real food.

Each week, the students are engaged, working with each other to prepare a meal. After preparation they clean up and sit together at a set table with the culinary educator and volunteer, enjoying the meal as a community. They then work together to finish the cleanup and put the classroom away for the next week. 

Reach Out to Us

If you believe this is the right after-school activity for your child, do not hesitate to contact us. We have reliable volunteers and chefs to help your children learn more about the importance of nutrition.

To inquire about financial assistance, please email Terra Hillyer at